Passing API keys

Is there a way to pass API keys through the callback URL?
I need to connect to IBM Bluemix. While it is possible to connect through the Everynet platform, is it possible through ThingsConnected (will it be possible in the future) or will I just have to go via an intermediate server?


I believe you can enter whatever you want.

E.g. “” should be perfectly fine.

Not 100% sure how bluemix works tho so if you still have issues let me know and I’ll have a look!

Hi Benjamin,
The messages are being sent to the Bluemix but the authentication is failing. Its just working out the correct parameters to set.
The problem is compounded by not being able to edit the callback URL. So you have to create a new application which then means new APPEUI’s etc. and it all just takes along time.

Hi Benjamin,
The issue is down to authorization. There is no way to enter authorization, and if you put it in the URl i.e. etc. It gets rejected as an invalid URL