Partnership with TTN

Is there any further information about what the TTN partnership means in practice?
Other than announcing “a partnership” the press release contains no useful information to support developers who may be developing devices.

Obvious questions include:

  • Should we abandon thingsconnected API in favour of the things network.
  • Will EUI values need to be updated.
  • What is the migration timescale

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I am also wondering this. I know that the change over has happen through press releases but there is no information about what developers have to do.

To be fair my question is now redundant since the original application interface has been removed and links added which point to The Things Network, there were also emails sent out by Things Connected at the time instructing developers to re-register with The Things Network…

The thing i wasnt impressed with was when i clicked the link on Things Connected console it requested access to my (already existing) The Things Network account including permission to mess with my own gateways. needless to say that got a big Reject response.

My personal advice would be to use The Things Network website directly and forget about Things Connected as a developer resource. (Obviously TC have moved their gateways to TTN but that should be transparent to us as devs)

Hope this helps somewhat