OTAA: JoinAccept arriving too late


We are trying to connect a product onto the ThingsConnected platform using OTAA method but unfortunately it fails because the JoinAccept (on RX1) arrives too late (higer that 5 s after JoinRequest of my module).

Some logs:

“dev_id”: “b8dbf9aa3ec84304”,
“server_time”: 1499954647.504077,
“type_id”: 0,
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“gw_addr”: “70b3d54b11230000”,
“app_id”: “97feda62e40303ba”,
“lsnr”: 5,
“size”: 23,
“gateway_time”: 1499954647.377461,
“gw_gps”: {
“lat”: null,
“alt”: null,
“lon”: null
“type_name”: “JoinRequest”,
“rf_chain”: 1,
“dev_band”: “EU868”,
“channel”: 7,
“direction”: “up”,
“modulation”: “LORA”,
“freq”: 868.5,
“datarate”: “SF12BW125”,
“dev_nonce”: “af8f”,
“rssi”: -110,
“gw_tmst”: 831420812,
“utc_time”: 1499954647.377461

“dev_id”: “b8dbf9aa3ec84304”,
“direction”: “down”,
“lora_payload”: “20637342175b95f44263e7d1df06737267”,
“server_time”: 1499954651.8823,
“datarate”: “SF12BW125”,
“type_id”: 1,
“modulation”: “LORA”,
“gw_addr”: “70b3d54b11230000”,
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“rf_chain”: 0,
“dev_band”: “EU868”,
“type_name”: “JoinAccept”,
“freq”: 868.5,
“gw_power”: 14,
“gw_tmst”: 836420812,
“utc_time”: 1499954652.377461

everynet Network Gateway V2.0 with 3G connection

Do you have any idea what can be the cause?
Does the 3G conncetion can have an impact and add some latency which makes the JoinAccept arriving too late?

Hi Ed,
I’ve just looked at the backend and it is reporting that the ping between your gateway and the network server is taking a long time.
Is it possible that your gateway is located in a duff spot for 3g, which is causing problems?
regards, Mark

Thanks Mark,

We plan to move it shortly and retest.
Though since phones get good signal (on EE) it is not clear the current position is duff.

We know a little more after it’s moved.



If you let me know when it’s moved I can check the back end. This is what it currently shows:

Cheers, Mark

Did this ever get fixed, I’m having problems connecting a moteino (arduino) with a hope lora chip connecting .
Using code from arduino-lmic meant for ttn
Using ABP, I think my counter never went up and with OTAA I’m left waiting for a join but dashboard says I joined. I’m wondering if the a downlink setting may be wrong, would be great to see a working .ino

Hi Ian,
Are you working with @Ed1 or are you using a different gateway?
Cheers, Mark

The gateway logged an issue yesterday but there seems to have generally been an improvement:

I’m using a gateway out at adastral park, I can see the join accepted on gateway but the TTN arduino code doesn’t reflect this. has anyone used arduino and hoperf radio ?

I haven’t, although I have a teensy and hoperf at home that I can try next week. Anyone else?

Guessing no one else on forum is using arduino-lmic then.

Whoops, sorry - I was so happy to get my teensy/hoperf/gps device working with TTN on friday I forgot to check it on Things Connected! I’ll make a note to give it a go this Friday.

Incidentally I had to download a different variant of lmic to get it even compiling on the new arduino ide

I followed various examples, best I thought was https://github.com/matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic I think issue 20 is my problem, they have it worked out on TTN but things connected doesn’t.

Did you manage to get it going on Friday ?

Did you get it compiled ? You have to reverse some of the keys but the gateway log files tell you if you make a mistake.


Was this issue ever resolved?

I have identical symptoms where the ThingsConnected application shows a very quick turnaround but the join confirmation does not arrive with 3-4 minutes. Notably data packets have no such delay only OTAA.

I am using the Arduino Mkrwan 13000 that has a pretty poor library but it does the basics despite using blocking code.

I can get round the issue by continually issuing join status requests rather than resending join requests but it is not much of a solution.