Inconsistent response from gateway when there is >1 gw in range

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Hi there - I am not always getting “mac_rx” as a response to sending a confirmed message. Sometimes I just get “ok”. Also I have experienced (at Digital Catapult) lots of “denied” join requests that later turn out to have been accepted.
Alex Gluhak asked me to post some evidence - here goes…

The following tests were conducted at my home in Reading.

My device uses the RN2483 radio module, and I am connecting to Things Connected using OTAA.

I have 2 gateways:
My own Multitech Conduit (mlinux model - EUI ends a052) which is configured for TC as follows:

              "server_address": "",
              "serv_port_up": 1680,
              "serv_port_down": 1680,
              "serv_enabled": true,
              "keepalive_interval": 10,
              "stat_interval": 30,
              "push_timeout_ms": 100,
              "forward_crc_valid": true,
              "forward_crc_error": false,
              "forward_crc_disabled": false 

and a Multitech Conduit (AES model EUI ends 058e) lent to me by the Digital Catapult.

I have conducted some testing, send a very similar payload each time (just changing 1 digit) for consistency.
Test results are as follows:

  1. Just my gateway on: send 3 messages
    In each case the device sends the message and receives “ok”. I keep checking for a mac_rx for the next couple of minutes but one doesn’t arrive.
  2. Just the loan gateway on: send 3 messages
    In each case the device receives an “ok” followed a few seconds later (longest was ~20 secs) with a “mac_rx”
  3. Both gateways on: send 3 messages
    First message - receive “ok” followed by “mac_rx” but the console shows 2 gateways trying to handle the message:

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Second message - receive “ok” followed by “mac_rx” - console shows 1 gateway and 1 set of messages


Third message - just received “ok” - nothing further. Console shows just the incoming message from the device and does not show a return message…
…however a few minutes later, there are some additions (note same frame count, same payload):

  • which is all a bit weird right - why is a “confirm” being sent by the second gateway that didn’t handle the message?

I have noticed very similar behaviour at the Digital Catapult where the join request often is “denied” on the device, but the console shows that the join request was received by one gateway and the “accept” message was sent by another.

I hope this is helpful - it looks to me as if there is an error in the way you are handling messages / join requests received by more than 1 gateway. It may be that my mlinux gw is not quite configured correctly? - this would point to a similar issue with a gateway at Digital Catapult.