How to see uplink from all GW for given message sequence?

I have registered my own application and I can see the network traffic OK. I receive one uplink (or none) message in my application per message I transmit from my LoRa test node. I.e. I only see each message sequence number once.

However when I look at the and look at the “Gateway Packet” tab I see the same message received by multiple GW (which is good!). So I may see the same message received by multiple gateways with the same sequence number.

How do I enable my application feed to receive the same traffic as is the “Gateway Packet” tab so I see all of the uplink messages (so if a message is received by three GW I receive 3 uplink calls).

Phil Claridge

As far as I know you can’t, duplicates will be discarded automatically.
Why would you want to receive duplicates if it goes through multiple gateways?

If I know that my message is received by more than one gateway I can optimise my node configuration to increase battery life. So I am looking for Things Connected to emulate the standard functionality of other LoRa networks such as “The Things Network” that provide a way to recover the radio information from all of the receiving gateways for a given message. The information is not discarded a some point in the Things Connected as the Gateway Packet" tab ( as outlined in earlier message) I see the same message received by multiple GW (same payload, similar timestamps, different gateways).