How do I send a downlink message

Im new to LoraWAN and would like to send downlink messages. I receive the uplink messages forwarded to my application but don’t know how to send a downlink message.

My guess would be that it goes in the HTTP response to the uplink message but have no idea what headers, format or information needs ti be in there.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hi Doug,

Did you ever receive any information on your request?

I also receive data from the node without difficulty but would like to send a timestamp response to set the node time. I have found some info on other forums for other networks but not Things Connected.

Hi John

Yes I did manage to resolve it. It is a little complex though due to recent changes on thingsConnected (Good ones) it is now possible

The things connected network is now part of The Things Network (TTN) so if you register your device on the TTN network it will use the things connected gateways and you can use the features of the TTN to send downlink messages. So don’t use the thingsConnected portal now.

Hopefully this gets you started. If not msg me again and I will see what I can do. As an additional hint look at the application you create on TTN then look at the integrations and add HTTP integration it’s easier and quicker than using MQTT



Hi Doug and John,

Information you provided is very useful. I followed and received the downlink message. I wondered is there an TTN API to post a Downlink message instead of manually entering? Thanks.

Hi All,

Many thanks for your information, I have connected to TTN and I am up and running now but it is not the most stable. I am not 100% certain on how the messages are being routed and that may be why the nodes cannot always join. I will investigate and if I find anything I will let you know.

I have an MQTT broker that I m happy to share if anyone needs it then I will setup an account for you.

Thanks for all your help.