Bug? Device history can be recreated after deleting

Sorry to spam your boards, but this is a potential bug report for your beta test.

Description: I was able to retrieve the history of a deleted device by re-using its id.

  1. I created a device with DevEUI ending in D610 and connected it successfully to the sandbox
  2. I was able to get it to join and then send some packets
  3. While experimenting I accidentally broke the link to the sandbox, but was unable to reconnect it at all
  4. I deleted the device
  5. I created a new device using the same IDs
  6. When I returned to the mydevices Gateway Packets all the history from pre-deletion was available

I assume this is due to using DevEUI as a key and not deleting related records in the database, or something along those lines. This is not urgent, I can work around this, but looks like a security risk.

And I suppose this is another bug: In step 3 I wasn’t able to reconnect the device to anything including the sandbox. I also couldn’t seem to use anything on the top right dropdown to make a difference (options were “Sandbox” in grey and “Disconnect” in bold). The only button which worked was delete.


Thanks for the report!

I’ll double check this and get back to you.

For the second one: Can you re-produce that and let me know the steps you took?
I was trying to disconnect a device and reconnect it and didn’t encounter any issues.