AppEUI Address Space

Hi again,

These are the example AppEUIs from my four tests with Things Connected:

Looking at the auto-generated AppEUIs I’m trying to work out what the numbering convention is. The AppEUI, being in EUI-64 address space should share some kind of OUI section at the start (assigned to an organisation). Is this something your users need to apply for, or something Things Connected should apply for? I can see OUI prefixes for Multitech and TTN, so I assume this is the level at which EUI-64s are assigned. If they’re randomly generated then it breaks the rules of EUI-64. Perhaps there’s a reserved range or a clever way of computing them?

Not wishing to catch anyone out, just a bit stumped as this is the first time I’ve had to consider these after lots of TTN use.


We’ll forward this to our back-end provider everynet and see what they say.
I’ll keep you posted here.

Hi Ben,

According to LoRaWAN standard AppEUI should be a globally unique identifier of application. Globally means it should be unique for everyone in the world. To achieve this you should acquire AppEUI number from IEEE pool, using the same process as for MAC address acquisition.

Right now we are using just random numbers for this.

I see three different options on how to proceed:

  1. Application owner should buy AppEUI (as well as set of DevEUIs) from IEEE (around $600 for 2048 IDs). In this case application owner will have an official record in IEEE book about his ownership over these IDs.
  2. Things Connected should buy huge pool of EUIs from IEEE (more than $600 :slight_smile: ). In this case application owner will not have an official record in IEEE book about his ownership over these IDs. Things Connected will be the owner.
  3. The same as p.2, but Everynet will buy pool from IEEE and will be the “official” owner.

Thank you and sorry for the delay!