Adding a gateway

Hi, I have a LoRa gateway (in Putney) which is currently set up on TTN. Is it possible to make the same gateway visible to ThingsConnected ? (Either as a switch from TTN or as well as TTN - i.e. can the gateway service both at the same time?)

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Hi Pat,

It is possible to do what you’re asking. I did this with TTN, ThingsConnected and Stream IoT-X simultaneously and it appeared to work.

The trick is to use the poly packet forwarder recommended by TTN. Then edit the configuration so it doesn’t overwrite the network server configuration on startup. Finally, you copy the network server settings and modify for each destination.

This is not a very precise method, since the network server that responds to the join request will be first. Ensure the appEUIs are unique. I suspect it could be frowned upon by the Network Server operator since I believe packets will just keep arriving at all of them and be discarded by any where the node hasn’t joined successfully. Future versions of LoRaWAN have network roaming on the roadmap, but you may have to wait a while for this and then for the backends to implement it. And probably then agree roaming permissions.

I have configuration details if you need them.


Hi Ben, I’d like to give it a shot just as an experiment but agree flinging all the packets all over the place is not very sociable, so I’ll not leave it in that state I think.

If you could send the configs that would be brilliant.

Thanks for the reply!



Ben, any chance of those details, please?



Hi Pat,
I have a multitech gw at home that is configured for both TC and TTN. I’ll post up the config this week unless you hear from Ben first.

Cheers, Mark

Hi Pat,
At home I have my Multitech Conduit gateway running the poly packet forwarder from The Things Network. I can’t promise it will work for you, but you might want to give it a try. It allows both my TTN-configured devices and TC-configured devices to use the same gateway. I am also running a private TTN backend at home and my gateway can access that too.

We will need to add your gateway to our back end here at the catapult. If you email me ( with your current /var/config/lora/local_conf.json file I can look at getting it added to our back end and send you an updated local_conf.json file to use with the Things Connected details.

Regards, Mark

Hi Mark,

Incredibly kind of you. My gateway is on loan to a UCL student just at the mo, for a LoRa project as part of her MSc thesis. I’ll get ahold of that file from her and e-mail to you!

Would be fun to make it work.



Mark, I have installed the updated local_conf.json file, and have modified the startup so that it does not get overwritten on every boot. What are the next steps to making it visible (assuming allowed!) on Things Connected ?



Hi Mark,

Sorry to slightly hijack the conversation, but is there a ‘newbies’ guide to adding a gateway to the network?

Currently I have one on the TTN, which is the only one (Lora gateway) in our area so far.

It would be great to have a Things Connected one as well.

I would probably be looking to run ThingsConnected as a separate Gateway device.

Thanks for any help

Craig (Just Joined as a member).

…then again, if its possible to run both networks on one gateway, then I am happy to go with that option.:smiley: