Access Network Trace Data


I am receiving successful connect confirmations over OTAA and ABP but I see no data and no trace information seems to be available.

On occasion it is all successful but more often than not the data does not appear. When the connection is good I usually pick up 2 or 3 gateways…there are no code changes between attempts.

Where can the data be going? Is there any direct gateway diagnostic trace information I can access?

I gave up with Things Connected but occasionally create and new device and app to see if I can pickup and data but to no avail. ABP is a problem as I cannot edit the dev_eui and I am using an Arduino Mkr WAN 1300 which does not permit me to change the dev_eui.

The MKRWAN library is pretty rubbish but it does the basics and I have little reason to doubt the transmission is happening.

Any help appreciated.

07767 215722